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Inspiring women to step into their power

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Services for women

Holistic Counselling for clarity

Do you need support to bring happiness into your life? Do you need guidance to make your dreams a reality? Are you seeking a safe space to share your story?

Feel supported in a safe environment where you can discover new ways to bring about better health, wellbeing and happiness in your life.  


Sacred Sexuality for expansion

Women are connected with the tides, ebbs and flows of life cycles of the Earth. Our creativity, passions, emotions and ability to self-express are accessed through our openness to surrender to our sexual power. Learn about your body, access powerful breathing techniques and receive take home activities and exercises to connect deeper to your womb and heart.  


Energy Bodywork for healing

Balance your body by journeying into the metaphysical world to connect the mind, body, heart and spirit. Drop into a deeper space to allow shifts and new beginnings. Bodywork is specific to the client potentially incorporating aspects of colour therapy, shamanic journeying, crystal therapy and meditation.    

Art therapy for self expression

Do you want to ignite your inner creative fire? Do you need inspiration for a project or to take a new direction? Connect to your artistic power through drawing and colour therapy. Individual art and group sessions are available. 


SOUL ART interactive mandala charts will be available to order soon!





Allow me to support your journey towards balance.

1:1 consultations for yourself or as a gift

Group sessions for your friends and tribe

Workshops coming soon to the Coffs Coast

Consultations are available in person on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Coffs Harbour and surrounding regions), or via phone and online across Australia/ internationally.
Come work with me!

IT IS TIME! Step forward in your power…….experience joy, happiness, synchronicity, passion and deep desire.

It is vital that we understand the importance of our physical, emotional, mental, sexual and energetic aspects of our self. Neglecting one or more of these results in disconnection in our lives, manifesting as blocks towards our passions, desires, relationships, careers, health, creativity and sexuality.

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Education to Empower 

I acknowledge the past, present and emerging traditional custodians of the land on which I live, learn and work.

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