Meet Tashy


Creative Superstar

Singer . Actress. Fashionista .

"We only live once...
why worry?
why be shy?
we should be more confident!"
- Tashy
" I use to get embarrassed easily when I was younger.
I have realised it doesn't affect your full life if you do something silly."
- Tashy 

What do I love about me?

I love that I don't compare myself to others.

I have read things about incredible women sharing "Do not compare yourself to others," and they have become successful women now by changing the way they think. I realised I don't need to try to be like other people. I focus on things I like about me, not anyone else!

I love that I can be a bit KOOKY and CRAZY sometimes. I bounce around a lot!

I say stuff and don't really mind what people think. I say embarrassing things about myself but I don't mind. If I can't do something I give it a go and don't worry about embarrassing myself. It's OK to stuff up at things other people are good at, if we fail it's OK, just try again!


I love my personality, my energy and the way I act towards people. 

I am supportive towards others... I can see other peoples points of long as their happy and it doesn't affect anyone negatively. 

Hi I'm Tashy
I'm 14 years old and I love being creative.
My dream is to be an actress.
Acting and singing brightens my mood!



Why did I start singing?

At school I was quiet and shy, once I got home I was really loud and 'out there'. I would sing opera around the house. My parents spoke to a teacher who thought I should start singing lessons to boost my confidence. I started singing when I was 7 years old and have been in the choir every year (but not year 7 as there wasn't one).


What style of music do I love to sing?

I like singing music where I can act in it... musical theatre! I love to harmonise and songs that have big long notes that I can sing out. 



When did I start acting?

In year 6 when I was approximately 11 years old. I had never really done acting before apart from basic plays.


I auditioned for roles at my local musical theatre company from the age of 9 but I was too young and I was auditioning with teenagers.

My first role was in Shrek 1 the musical as a fairy tale creature. The following year I auditioned for Wendy in Peter Pan. I was super duper nervous, I was shaking. I had practised so hard but because I was nervous I stuffed up. I still got a part as a lost boy where I tried really hard with my facial expressions in the hope of getting a principal role in the future. The next play I auditioned for was Elf where I got a small speaking role as one of the New Yorkers. 

This year I decided not to do any plays with my local theatre company because the late rehearsals had made me super tired for school. So, I decided to audition for the school play The Addams Family. I chose to audition as Morticia. I did hours of practise and research, memorising lines and songs (which you didn't have to do), I even had props! 

I changed my song the day before the audition. I had a feeling...something just didn't feel right....even though I had practised the other song more and I felt more comfortable singing it. 

The result... I got my first EVER lead role!

I wonder if I didn't put so much effort in would I have gotten it? Or if I didn't change the song.......could things been different?

The play with be shown later this year! It is very exciting!

Designing Clothes

Tashy clothes.png

When did my interest in clothes begin?

Ever since I was little I have had these books that have pictures of dolls...with outlines of girls where you can draw and stick clothes on the pictures. At the age of 8 or 9 years I got a mini model where I would create different outfits. Dad always took photos of my designs so I had record of them, but they got lost (arrrhh technology!).

A few years later I got a sewing machine where I practised sewing on bits of fabric. I would sew my name into it, practise going around corners and backwards. I made a drawstring bag and pencil case.

At the end of 2018 I created my first clothing items. I created a 2 piece crop top and skirt, shorts for my brother, I fixed up old clothes and found clothes at op shops to play with. 


Being creative brightens my mood, it always makes me feel happier.

I know it is a cliche but it makes me feel warm and safe. 

I feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing!



Life without my creative side...

Oooooooffff......I guess I wouldn't really have a passion. Singing and acting are my passion, my creative outlet!

I would be a completely different person. I'd be much shyer, a lot of my friends I wouldn't have and I wouldn't be doing as many things. I'd probably be sitting on my phone more!!

Skills I have learnt from my passion...

I have gained the skill of being able to make clothes...a life skill! If I have kids, I will be able to to alter clothes and could save a lot of money.

My creativity has taught me that you don't have to be as shy or worried about what other people think. I have more confidence to get on stage and it has helped me to give new experiences a go.

Creativity has taught me to love the little things in life... they bring me joy!

Ariana Grande inspires me...

she is successful in acting, and as a singer.

She has a 9 octave range which is incredible. If she can do it, I can do it too if I keep practising.

My Mum inspires me...

she is powerful, she doesn't just stick to what society says.....she was captain of the boys footy team.

A girl can play footy and be a leader!


She even went on to save the coaches life as a Paramedic.

She is training to become a MICA Paramedic, she is going to uni while still raising her kids and looking after her family.

My Opa inspires me...

he said he would stop skiing when he is 70. He is now over 70 and has kept on skiing!

He has even walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. 

No matter what age he is, he is still continuing with his passions.


"I'm a little child at heart"

What message would I

pass on to others?


I know its been said a million times before by so many people... but once you start doing it, it is actually real!

Don't try to be like other people, be confident with who you are!

I use to get embarrassed easily when I was younger. I have realised it doesn't affect your full life if you do something silly. 

Love yourself before you can love others, it's really true. I know a lot of people say it is 'easy for you to say, your life is probably great'. But, if your constantly thinking 'I need to be better' it is not good for you.

Don't change who you are for different groups of friends... if you do that then you are moulding to try to fit in!

Be you!

Tashy :)

​© 2019  Brony Marshall