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Hi, I am Suphan

& I am 11 years old!

Welcome to my page...

filled with what

inspires me!

I love...








Highland Cattle

if i could change 1 thing in the world... what would it be?

For everyone to look after our planet better... 


Palm Oil

I want to stop palm oil production and for us to use alternative products, or at least have a few farms instead of cutting down all the trees. If I got my house knocked down I wouldn’t be happy! It's hard to be homeless when you're an animal. 

It's continually increasing, some people are encouraging it so it feels like there is no time where it will stop. I think it's quite devastating.

World hunger

World hunger is super dooper sad. People being starved for days or for their whole life. It's sad that people have dirty water, many people don't even recognise that it's happening around the world. 

There are so many things I want to support and change!

My Footprint


I want to raise awareness for random things!

I want to make a YouTube channel where we support people and animals. It will be a space where everyone can be happy, a place in the world where others are being nice to people.

I want to do the 40 hour famine challenge, fun runs, bake sales (even sell biscuits at Bunnings).

"I just want people to treat animals how they want to be treated! I wouldn’t want to be abandoned or starve to death."


One of my favourite animals is a COW!

I find their moo really calming!


Animals are big, small, really cute and unique!

They make me smile!


From a distance zebras all look the same, but they aren't!

Each zebra has different stripe,

not like anyone else. 

Just like the zebra...

I like how I am unique and bubbly.

I'm a bit full on sometimes, I can get a pretty excited about things I like. 

Be a unicorn in a crowd of horses 

("even though horses

are just as awesome

as unicorns" - SUPHAN)

Who inspires me....

People and animals with 'real' stories

Hai Hai the chopstick boy inspires me.

He is only two years old and has Leukemia.

He is dealing with big things at such a young age!

I don’t think he deserves it, having needles every day.

It is weird to find someone so young that inspires you. 

A little piece of me...

My biggest challenges...and the things that have helped me...

If I do something really unique, I think 'will people judge me for it?'. Then I tell myself I shouldn’t do that!

With my really close friends it won’t really matter, I feel safe with them. But, if I am by myself then I feel like I'm being judged.

I also get nervous when other people are starring at me, during Taekwondo or in the classroom at school.

I find that I feel better when I see someone else who is nervous too, and I can comfort them... it comforts me. 

What helps me is to also think of the nerves as 'just getting ready for something'. They are just people, they won't say to the whole world “look at her”. At the end of the day if I really mess up…in a few years I probably won't remember it.


I find it hard when friends don't want to play with me, or when people think that you shouldn't be able to have more then just one friend. We can have more then one friend and can play with different people at different times, but we shouldn't leave people out or be mean.

My really good friends make me feel safe to be who I want to be. They make me feel happy!

Whenever I feel really challenged I like to say cute quotes like...

"Keep your head up princess otherwise the crown will slip"

"Be a unicorn in a crowd of horses"

(even though horses are just as awesome as unicorns)


I also think you should do what you love because it is calming!





Things I love to do...(besides saving our creatures)



At first I really didn’t like it, I didn’t really like running sports. A friend took a year to convince me to come along. The first lesson I was getting used to new faces and how to play the game, by the second lesson I really liked it! Now it is my second year of playing and it is so much fun. I have met really nice girls, we have travelled across the state, even making it to the finals!

My favourite thing about Rugby is the teamwork!


I remember I would watch action movies and think 'OMG, I would love to do that!' I also thought it would be good to learn self-defence. There are lots of kids who do it, they are very supportive. I love the friends I have made and it has made me feel a lot more confident. I get nervous during grading but also excited! I am proud of myself :)


Creative thing you get to do it YOURSELF, it's all from you!

Even if you base it off another something someone else has done, it’s still coming from you. Its your poem, or drawing...

Poetry is cool!

I like how there are different types of poetry... rhyming, acrostic, haiku, descriptive, emotions poems. So many different ones, not just one plain type.

Drawing makes me feel happy and tranquil. I like to draw so many different things, such a scary movie characters, cute little fairies, small detailed pictures, horses, witches and lamas.

My Slinky


Get a slinky……it’s so cool, I really like it.

I have almost mastered one of the tricks, in only 2 days! It's satisfying and calming... if your scared its VERY satisfying. It is a cool thing to show siblings or friends. My brother even loves it, hehe!

Wild Icelandic Horses

I once tried to save a cockroach when I was at school,

my friends and the teacher thought I was weird.

Cockroaches are living organisms just like any other animals,

I just wanted to protect it!

We need to look after animals.



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