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Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall
Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall Youth workshop
Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall

   Professional Bio

         Graduate Diploma of Education 

Seven years’ experience teaching in primary, secondary and special education schools.

    Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)

       Qualified Paramedic for ten years.

         Diploma in Complementary Therapies

        Diploma in Holistic Counselling

        Certificate IV in EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

       Certificate in Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Training

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Hi, I’m Brony!


My life has been a whirlwind of incredible adventure, exploration and transformation which has brought me full circle back to my core passions;



As a teenager and young adult I have personally struggled with;


         Feeling isolated from my peers and family.


Poor self image and self esteem leading to an inability to express myself openly.


Feeling detached through my schooling and at work, becoming disengaged with learning and removed from my passions.


Being isolated from my body and emotions, experiencing horrendous pelvic and menstrual problems, sinus and thyroid issues.


Sexual blocks that resulted in disconnected and toxic relationships with partners and myself.

The vast experiences that I have had

have shaped and guided me to step

into my own power.

As a result I have experienced transformational changes to my

health, well-being, career,

relationships and sexuality. 

- Empowering our Youth to
connect to their full potential
- Inspiring women to step
into their power
- Creating art that ignites
the soul
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Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall
Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall
Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall

I have delved into creativity through art, dance, music and nature to embrace and release the highs and lows of life. This has become an extension of who I am. A way to express my emotions, desires, dreams and receive internal insights.

I have travelled the world exploring the villages of India, back streets of China, European cuisine to the hidden treasures of Egypt. I have explored the magic world of metaphysics, energy and mindfulness across Eastern and Western cultures. The richness of various cultures inspires my creativity and my spiritual and daily practices.
Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall

I have taught in primary, secondary and special education schools for seven years working with children from various backgrounds with diverse needs, from non-verbal students to youth ‘excluded’ from mainstream schooling due to behaviour challenges. I can see what services and supports could be offered that aren’t necessarily accessible in the mainstream schooling system.

My journey of self-discovery deepened as I moved across the country to begin a ten-year career as a Paramedic, where my eyes were exposed to drugs, illnesses, healing, birth and death. I became a witness to the power we all hold internally to take control of our life with the choices we make each day.

As a child I knew there was a world full of wonder and excitement that seemed harder to reach through my teenage years.  Those years were full of self-discovery, exploration and an attempt to figure out what "it all meant". 

Accessing my creativity, support from positive role-models and connecting to my strengths and interests supported me through my youth. 

Brony Marshall Bronwyn Marshall

I now have the resources, experiences and the empowerment to offer

what I needed but was unable to access as a child and young adult.

I would love to support you and/ or your child and our youth!

Contact me to have a chat!

​© 2020  Brony Marshall

Education to Empower

I acknowledge the past, present and emerging traditional custodians of the land on which I live, learn and work.

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