I want to travel the world and be a marine vet

I am unique because I am a very caring person

My passions

I like most animals and have a passion to work with them, I'm against animal crultey which is why i went vegetarian and even vegan for a little while. I send all my extra money to PETA each month in hopes to play a part in saving the lifes of animals in need, when I'm older i hope to be a marine veterinarian which is like a normal vet but you help treat sea life instead of land animal.

I love doing drama because you get to be on stage and portray many different emotions and charters, i have only been doing drama for a maximum of 2 years and i love it and hope to get more opportunities in the world of acting because its absolutely amazing. I also enjoy singing because i have always loved to sing and doing leassons is awesome, you learn so much and meet new people all the time and it also helps being able to sing in drama. I love to hang with my close friends because we're all super close an always have an amazing time together, i love chilling at home and cuddling with my rabbit snuggles whilst watching netflix. I like being creative and making things for myself and other people and I'd say people describe me as a crafty person

Who am I?

She is a flower but she isn't soft, when her petals fall they hit like bullets. 

Name, Title

People who are really hard working and achieve their goals inspire me to be more like that in life and seeing people who make a difference in the world also inspire me to hopefully do something great with my life and make a good change in the world.