Workshops for Youth and Women


Wellbeing for Teen & Tween Girls in Sawty

March 17th (SOLD OUT)

April 14th (CLOSED)

Wellbeing for 8-10 year old Girls in Sawty

April 14th (SOLD OUT)

8 week Self- Empowerment course for Girls

May 8th - June 26th (CLOSED)

Sawtell, NSW

8 week 'FREE' Empowerment course for Indigenous Teen Girls

May 30th- August 1st

Deadly Sista Girlz, Boambee, NSW

June 3rd- August 12th

Deadly Sista Girlz, Woolgoolga, NSW

Understanding Your Period

June 16th, Coffs Harbour, NSW

More workshops on the Coffs Coast coming soon...

Mandala Magic

Understanding your Period

'Real Sex Ed' to Empower teen girls (14+ years)

Understanding your Period

for girls of all ages

Sunday June 16th

1:00pm- 4:00pm

$50 or bring a friend for $80 ($40/each)

@Coffs Harbour (Jetty area... venue TBA)

Limited your place!

Period Flyer PHOTO.jpg

Let’s face it…it is something girls and women experience every month

yet there is poor information, insight and education around the power of this natural cycle.

This 3 hour workshop is designed to ignite a deeper connection to our bodies, emotions, mind and nature.

Whether you have had your period for a few years, are approaching puberty, feel a stigma towards this aspect of your life, have a wealth of knowledge about periods, or are curious…..this workshop is for you!

The focus areas for this incredibly empowering 3 hour workshop include;

- Removing the stigma of our natural cycle
- Challenging current standards of beauty to embrace a healthy body image
- Understanding our reproductive system and changes through puberty
- Personal hygiene to feel confident
- Making healthy choices when it comes to period products and remedies to support your cycle
- Balancing physical health/ exercise, nutrition, nature, our mind, emotions, creativity, relationships and relaxation as ‘fuel’ for our bodies
- The power of the moon and menstruation cycle
- Being in control of your body and how to support yourself through hormonal changes and challenges
- Creative activities to connect deeper to your reproductive system

For more information on the content and delivery of this workshop, or to book your 'comfy' cushion please contact Brony :)


8 week empowerment course for

indigenous teen girls

cost:  free!


Thursday May 30th- August 1st!

4:00pm- 5:30pm

@Boambee East Community Centre

Monday June 3rd- August 5th!

4:00pm- 6:00pm

@Woolgoolga Neighbourhood Centre

Limited your place!

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8 week self-empowerment course for girls

in sawtell, nsw …

Wednesday May 8th for 8 weeks!

Primary students (8 years +)

3.30 pm- 4.30 pm every Wednesday from May 8th – June 26th

@ Yoga Shack, Sawtell.

High School students

5 pm - 6 pm every Wednesday from May 8th – June 26th

@ Yoga Shack, Sawtell.

May 8th flyer 8 week course.PNG

 I have worked as a Paramedic for ten years & as a school teacher for over seven years. I have witnessed the continual pressure our kids experience from various angles. It's time to take on the often neglected & tough topics to support our youth in making their journey an empowering one! Come & create magic with me...


Weekly themes will include:

Self- Awareness: How our body works

Self- Respect: Abusing our body

Self- Esteem: Beauty to build confidence

Free yourself: Embracing hormonal changes

Self- Identity: Underneath the mask

Self- Connection: Contributing to the world

Self- Empowerment: Understanding emotions

Self- Expression: Accessing our creativity


Participants will:

- Expand their understanding of self by exploring & integrating their physical, mental,

emotional & energetic needs.

- Recognise the effects toxic & unhealthy interactions have on all aspects of our lives.

- Challenge current role model ideals & standards of beauty to enable them to build confidence.

- Recognise their ability to positively contribute to various communities at home & abroad.

- Learn to recognise their own emotions, their emotional patterns & its impact on their body & relationships.

- Explore imagination, senses & emotions in practical ways to expand their creativity.

- Access tools to support their own strengths, skills & challenges in order to design & create their own reality.

- Understand hormonal changes & how to be in control of their own body through accessing healthy puberty, sexuality & relationship education*.


Age appropriate content is paramount when delivering discussions around puberty and intimacy. Participants age, cultural, social, mental, emotional & physical needs are taken into consideration when implementing each session.



$15/ per session, plus a once off $10 exchange for journal & other supplies for the 8 weeks. Total $130 😊


Contact Brony to reserve your ‘comfy cushion.’


2 hour workshop

Sunday March 17th 2019



Sunday April 14th 2019

8- 10 yr olds: 12 noon - 2pm  SOLD OUT

Teen/ tween girls: 3pm - 5pm  CLOSED

More dates coming soon...

April 14th flyer.PNG

Teen, tween and primary aged girls on the Sawty & Coffs coast.....

come and journey with us!!!

New and changing relationships with peers and family, school pressures, social media, body image expectations, hormonal changes and navigating the ups and downs of who we are can be challenging!
How connected do you feel?

Do you feel empowered?
Do you feel beautiful? strong? intelligent?
Do you understand and nourish your strengths and skills?
Do you feel proud of who you are?
Do you embrace your uniqueness?
Do you understand your body, emotions and hormonal changes?
Do you have successful tools to cope with challenges?
Do you know how to communicate your thoughts and feelings?
Do you know how to create your own destiny?
Do you have unanswered questions?
Do you want to meet some like minded souls?

Discussions and activities will take place around focus areas of:

- Accessing and understanding your creative power (learn about the Soul Art Mandala.....a take home self-empowering creative tool).
- Current role model ideals and healthy self-image.
- Positive relationships and understanding our individual boundaries.
- Nurturing our individual skill sets and strengths.

- Exploring and integrating your physical, emotional, mental, emotional and energetic needs.

You will be supported in a safe, positive and creative environment...….meet like minded girls and most importantly have fun!

Please come and journey with us!!!

Tickets are $25.....or bring a sibling or friend and get 2 x tickets for $40!
Pay on the day (cash only), or online before the event.

RSVP to Brony by April 11th to book your 'comfy cushion'.
Contact me for further details or to have a chat!
0409 903 817

More dates coming soon...

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